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Training the next generation of technology leaders

This year, International Traveling Summer School on Terahertz Sciences and Technology (ITSS-TSaT) will be held for the 33th time. This summer school gathers over 70 participants, mostly Ph.D. and MSc students, from all over the world to train them in technologies that will change the future.
This year’s summer school is organized in close collaboration by Vilnius university and Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). Next to fundamental lectures, attendees will be trained in the use of Terahertz technologies and their applications to important cases such as security, communications, aerospace, industrial processes and metrology, as well as healthcare.
We, therefore, believe that both our missions for contributing to solving societal challenges by innovation and applications of new technologies come together in the scope of our summer school.

What’s in it for you

  • We would like to offer you the opportunity to connect your company to the TTASS 2021 and experience the following benefits:
  • Strengthen your image by associating your business with:
  • Terahertz technology is gaining more and more meaning in various sectors in our society; climate change monitoring, food security, detection of fake medicines, precision agri-food, security, autonomous driving, 6G wireless, and industry 4.0 processes.
  • Young people who are enthusiastic about advanced technologies and thus inspire the new generations to pursue a technical career.
  • Give your employees or relationships a message about your visionary course, your innovations, or other developments, which will have an impact on High-tech and solving societal challenges.
  • Meet the future generation of High Tech engineers and researchers who can join and meet virtually your organization.
  • Expand your network of collaboration with academia and industry
  • New areas of technology and applications.

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