The following is the provisional program for TTASS 2021 and it is subject to change.

Monday – July 12th 2021
Opening Ceremony
Poster session
Presentation by Peter Haring Bolívar: “THz biosensing”
Presentation by Pablo Acedo: “mm-wave and THz Spectroscopy for Biomedical and Clinical Applications”
Presentation by Domingo Sancho Knapik: “Ultrasound mechanical waves in plant science”
Presentation by Lytid
Group work on Challenge
Tuesday – July 13th 2021
Presentation by Guillaume Ducournau: “Photonic-based devices for THz communications and instrumentation in the 300 GHz band”
Presentation by Ingmar Kallfass: “300 GHz Fixed Wireless Links”
Presentation by Viktor Krozer: “III-V Terahertz MMIC Design and Applications”
Presentation by Tom Keinicke Johansen: “Millimeter-wave Power Amplifiers”
Presentation by Hans Hartnagel: “THz Generation by Quantum Cascade Structures based on new Semiconductor Materials”Presentation by Karel Hofmann: “Microwave and mm wave vector measurements”
Presentation by Hady Yacoub: “III-V THz transistors: Device concepts and processing aspects”Presentation by Sacha Preu: “Photonic Terahertz Vector Network Analyzers”
Presentation by Giorgio Leuzzi: “Linear and nonlinear stability of microwave circuits”Presentation by Dmitry Lyubchenko: “Passive and active devices based on dielectric rod waveguides”
Presentation by Andreas Penirschke: “THz Schottky Detectors – Design and application for Particle Accelerators”Presentation by Yevhen Yashchyshyn: “Sub-terahertz properties of composite materials and heterostructures containing graphene and more”
Virtual lab @ TU Darmstadt
Virtual lab @ TU Eindhoven
Group work on Challenge
Wednesday – July 14th 2021
Presentation by Weiming Yao: “Bringing photonics and electronics together”
Presentation by Shihab Al-Daffaie: “THz Nanodevices Based on Photonic Integrated Circuits”
Presentation by Mira Naftaly: “THz broadband spectroscopy and optical properties of materials”
Presentation by Wojciech Knap : “Terahertz Plasma Excitations in Graphene and GaN nanostructures – comparative studies”
Launch of the Eindhoven Center for Terahertz Science and Technologies (THz/e) @ TU Eindhoven
Presentation by Dook van Mechelen: “The road to THz applications with societal relevance”
Presentation by Idelfonso Tafur Monroy: “Towards Terahertz systems on chip”
Presentation by Andrei Rumiantsev: “Waver-level Characterization of THz Devices and Circuits”
Presentation by Alvydas Lisauskas : “THz detectors and sources made in CMOS technologies”
Social Event
Thursday – July 15th 2021
Presentation by Hartmut Roskos: “Terahertz metamaterials and their use for strong-coupling applications”
Presentation by John Sheridan: “THz systems and Correlation: fast subpixel displacement detection and Image stitching”
Presentation by Jaime Gómez Rivas: “THz resonant photonics and microscopy
Virtual Lab visit at TU/e
Brainport presentation
Hight Tech Campus Eindhoven presentation
Group work on Challenge
Friday – July 16th 2021
Student presentation & Quiz
Presentation by Sukhdeep Dhillon : “Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers”
Presentation by Marion Matters: “Electronic generation and detection of picosecond pulses”
Presentation by Nils Weimann: “Beyond-fmax electronic THz sources based on InP RTD and HBT oscillators”
Closing ceremony & (virtual) drinks